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Cookies Policy

On this website are used cookies that are automatically stored in the web browser. You can disable the collection of cookies in your browser settings. Use of this site without changing the settings in the browser on cookies means that they will be stored on your terminal device (eg. Computer, netbook). If you do not agree to the collection of cookies, please change your browser settings..

What are Cookies?

Cookies (ang. Cookies) are small pieces of information sent by a web server and stored on the user side (usually the hard drive). The default parameters of the cookies allow you to read the information contained in them, only the server that created them. Cookies are most commonly used for counters, probes, online stores, pages that require login ads and to monitor the activity of visitors.

Session cookies was invented by a former employee of Netscape Communications - Lou Montulliego.

The use of cookies

Cookies can contain various types of information about the user of the website and the "history" of his communications with that party (actually a server). Typically used for automatic identification of the user by the server, so that it can generate a page intended for him. This allows you to create personalized Web sites, logging service, "shopping carts" in online stores, etc..

The use of cookies to probes and web counters as follows - the server can easily check whether your computer with voice had been completed or whether the page has, on this basis, perform necessary operations and generate user-customized content of the page.

Part of the sites use cookies as a way of transferring between the parties username and encrypted password (solution less secure) or crafted information about logging in (secure solution), so you do not need to login on every page. Disabling of cookies often prevents logging in, which can be solved by storing data on the server-side logging, but you always have to be in some way identified (eg. Through the session identifier contained in the URL).

Specification cookies work

Session cookies was introduced so that the stateless HTTP visitors can distinguish the service. Cookies are information stored permanently or temporarily at the request of the server's disk. The most common are stored in a text or binary file. The data stored in cookies are in the form of alternating sequences of names and values ​​of the corresponding variable. Web server wanting to send a request to create a cookie on the user's hard drive attached to the header of an HTTP command "Set-Cookie", followed by a string of data transmitted. Stored cookie can only be read frequently the server that sent them. The data on the Set-Cookie command are defined: the name and assigned its value, domain and path that are associated with the cookie passed, the period of validity of the cookie (after the expiry browser deletes them). To save cookies is required only its name. If you do not specify a domain, the values ​​stored in the cookie will only access the server from which the request was writing. Failure validity period will delete cookies when you close your browser. Cookies that expire after a session, cookies are called session members. They have a fixed period of validity, the mechanism forces the server (usually because you can not rely on the accuracy of the clock on your browser). Operation mechanism of cookies on the user side depends on the configuration of the browser. Some of them could allow denial of entry, others allow you to set an expiry date that is different from that declared in the HTTP header. Advanced control over the behavior of cookies are, among others, Firefox, Opera and other modern browsers.

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